Partnership is a spiritual law that produces INCREASE. God chooses to go into partnership with humans through Jesus Christ. He also encourages men to walk in partnership. (Colossians 1:12…always thanking the Father, who has enabled YOU to share the inheritance that belongs to God’s Holy people…. )

Let’s join forces to make a great impact for Jesus Christ in this world.

We are committed to continually standing on behalf of our Partners before God in Prayer.
We are committed to seeing the Blessings of God overflow in your life.

Partnership With Joy HouseFriend, let us join hands together in Covenant Partnership to turn the world to Jesus Christ:
“One will chase a thousand (1000)
Two will put ten thousand (10,000) to flight” (Deuteronomy. 32:30)

If You commit yourself to supporting this ministry in:

1. Prayer
2. Monthly Donation Of Any Amount

We will commit ourselves to:
1. Continually praying for you and your family.
2. Offer you special discount on all ministry products.
3. Special letters and messages of encouragement sent to you periodically from the hearts of Pastors Martin & Catherine.
4. You have a share in every blessing on this ministry.

We Are Covenant Partners
Friend, the nations and businesses of the world are merging and forming alliances to be more effective. We will be most honoured to partner with you in this high calling of God.

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