At 9:30am every Sunday, the church holds a Bible Study lesson for all new believers and newcomers who would like to join Joy House Ministries.

We have a dedicated spirit filled Pastors and Teachers who will take you through the basic teachings of the Bible for about 6-8 weeks at the end of which you are given a Hand of Fellowship by the church enjoying all its spiritual blessings and responsibilities.

For those who are not yet baptised and had baptism in the past but without any spiritual understanding, they are encouraged to get baptised by the church as soon as possible.

During bible lessons, members are actively encouraged to ask questions. Some of the topics covered in the lessons are: Salvation, Now that you are saved, baptism by water and Holy Spirit, church, fellowship, Christian conflict resolution, thanksgiving, praise, worship, evangelism etc.

We would like you to join the believers class and gain spiritual knowledge, understand the teachings in the bible, deepen your faith and belief in Christ, gain understanding and the purpose of your creation by God.

Be part of a movement of millions of believers and Christians all over the world who are working hard in Establishing the Rulership of God over the world.

Come and join us where you will experience God’s Glory. Be part of Joy House and Believers class and your life will never be the same again.

God bless you.