A Daily Reading To Strengthen You

Welcome to Be Strong Devotional -390 pages of Powerful Scripture, Commentary and Prayer.

There is an inspired Scripture for every day of the Year.
Some have called it their ‘Written Prophecy’, as the Word for the day has spoken directly into their lives.
Others have called it a ‘Teaching Manual’, as the daily commentary has made key scriptures easy to apply.
Key subjects covered include: The Blood and Cross of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Promises of God,
Love, Victory In Jesus Christ, Thanksgiving, Praise and Harvest.

Everyone needs a copy of this book.

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Real Testimonials

Be Strong Devotional has been a real treasure to me, I cannot step out of my house without knowing what it says for the day. This is really an inspired work of God. SM.

This book is like a garden with hidden treasures. MK.

This devotional has been a blessing for me in very unique ways. I remember that I had a very important exam and although I had not prepared enough I wanted to hear what God had to say on the day for me.
I turned to the page in the devotional regarding the date of the exam and interesting enough, the title of the message read “You Are More Than A Conqueror”.That gave me such hope and true to God’s word, I came out of the difficult exam victorious. God definitely has a word each day to strengthen you. Turn a page today! SO.

I have obtained a copy of this devotional for every member of my family. To have this delicious meal without my family makes me feel selfish and that is the reason why I purposed to bless each member of my family with this great blessing of a book. AP.

And so here you have it, a great blessing awaits you each day.

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